In short

We make automotive accessible.

That’s our business, at every level of the industry. The automotive aftermarket to be exact. Automotive is our passion. We deliver each part all the way to the car in the workshop. And we help get the same car ready to ride again. With the right knowledge, skills and tools.

  • 15 Companies
  • 2700 Colleagues
  • 9 Concepts
  • 3 Countries active
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Welcome to the world of Sator.

There’s an appropriate product and concept for every workshop. And in each region a familiar face in the form of a local wholesaler. That’s our added value.


Driven by innovation and renewal.

We create opportunities for the automotive technician to do his job. Now and in the future. Our focus is on four disciplines:

  1. Education and training
  2. Customer recruitment and retention
  3. Equipment and tools
  4. Marketing and workshop concepts.

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