In summary

We make automotive accessible.

That’s our business, on every level. With an enormous supply of know-how and products, we deliver the right part to the car the workshop in the Benelux and France. And with an ingenious network of branches and innovative marketing concepts we help get that same car drive out of the workplace. With knowledge and tools.

Part of LKQ

Welcome home.

The exact words of LKQ Corporation after the taking over of Sator Holding in 2013. Automotive is mother’s daily business. And ours. Our customer is the wholesaler, the workshop and the motorist in the Benelux and France. As part of LKQ Corporation, and together with Rhiag Group and Euro Car Parts, we are the biggest automotive family in Europe. 

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Driven by innovation.

We create opportunities for the automotive technician to do his job. Now and in the future. Our focus is on four disciplines: 1. Education and training, 2. Customer recruitment and retention, 3. Equipment and tools and 4. Marketing and workshop concepts. Within every expertise we offer practical solutions for the modern workshop. 

Our innovations
Parts and tools

Our daily bread.

We deliver car parts and tools. That’s like breathing; it goes without saying. Tens of thousands part numbers from 10 warehouses in the Benelux and France are delivered every day at one of our 85 branches. Destination: the workshop. We have 2.700 employees making this possible and ensuring the customer’s needs in their specific region.  

Our companies