These days the ‘connected car’ is a widely discussed topic. Automobile manufacturers have embraced telematics and every new car is connected to the brand related channel. But then we are talking about the cars that are coming onto the market now. What is the situation with cars that have already been riding around for years; is it possible for them to also be ‘connected’? has the solution; the mijngarage plug-in. is distributing the first plug-ins to its participants on 1 June 2016.

A dongle for the EOBD plug in the car and a handy app for the driver’s smartphone. That is the mijngarage plug-in. The app warns the driver in the event of a technical fault and that information is shared directly with the garage that the driver has input as a service point. The driver knows what the problem is with this car, and the garage can contact him immediately and provide assistance to its customer. A simple solution, but an important one. Because by connecting the car to the workplace, the garage is able to strengthen its bond with the customer and can be proactive in its approach to repairs and maintenance.

The plug-in is being introduced from 1 June onwards to the approximately 1,600 participating automobile businesses. This is taking place at 9 different dates and locations in the country. members can expect an online invitation in their mailbox from Monday, 9 May. During the presentations, all the technical details and commercial possibilities offered by the plug-in are clearly set out. Every member will also receive a plug-in so that they can test it themselves.

The mijngarage plug-in is available to consumers from September 2016. Until that time, all mijngarage members will be informed as fully as possible and will be provided with promotional material in order to promote the plug-in among their customers.
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