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Sator complements its network with the takeover of Auto Wessel

Sator Holding has reached agreement with the shareholders of Auto Wessel for a takeover of the company.

With its two strong branches in Hilversum and Narden, Auto Wessel is the undisputed market leader in the Gooi region. The company was set up in 1976 by Wessel le Mahieu, and it celebrated its 40th Jubilee in May.

In 2013, Ramon le Mahieu and his partner Daniëlle took a major step forward in the expansion of the business when they opened their 5,000 m² Megastore. Both branches offer automobile businesses in the region an intensive service, with a team of 36 employees and a fleet of 14 vehicles which make up to 8 deliveries per day.
Auto Wessel’s range of products comprises not just every imaginable car part, tyres, tools, workplace materials and garage equipment, but also products for industry and the nautical sector. In addition the company has now been involved in providing training, courses, workplace concepts, commercial and technical support to its circle of clients throughout the region.

In a letter to the company’s customers, director Ramon le Mahieu wrote: “in spite of the strong position of this business we have been aware for some time now of the need for co-operation and scaling up. We too cannot avoid this trend, which can be observed throughout Europe. This is the only way in which we can ensure the quality of the services we provide and improve our competitive position. This step will make us even more attractive for our customers”.
Sator’s spokesman Adriaan Roggeveen: “The takeover of Auto Wessel is the ideal addition to our network. The Gooi is a prosperous region with a high level of car ownership, which offers great potential. We only had a limited presence there, but the addition of Auto Wessel places us firmly on the map”.
“Even more important than outlets and stock is the introduction of the extremely professional team from Auto Wessel. Ramon le Mahieu remains responsible for the opening of the present and any potential new branches in this region. The expertise of Auto Wessel’s team and the company’s DNA were important factors which stimulated our desire to acquire this business.

Moreover we have shared a similar vision of market developments for quite some time. After all, Auto Wessel and Sator have been working closely together for decades now. So we both see this step that we are taking together as an entirely logical one.

The acquisition of Auto Wessel expands Sator’s own wholesale network to 87 branches. Together with the approximately 50 branches of the Full Fource Partners they form a network of large-scale businesses covering the whole of the country, which can combine a high delivery service level with close-knit logistics”, says Roggeveen.


The parties are intending to finalise the transactions during the summer months. An accounting investigation is already underway. No announcements will be made concerning the acquisition price.