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Sator starts process of forward integration in Belgium

Sator starts process of forward integration in Belgium with the acquisition of the De Jonghe Autoparts, the Henrard Group, Autoparts Prosec and Sergoyne.

Sator Holding reached an agreement with the shareholders of De Jonghe, Henrard, Prosec, Sergoyne and BCC on the acquisition of these companies with a total of 23 branches in Belgium and two offices in the Netherlands.

Henrard also includes establishments that operate under the names of Roxauto, De Bruyn Professional Coatings, Abbiusi, Auto Sport Willy and DCM Tools.

De Jonghe, Henrard and Prosec are the founders and shareholders of the Benelux Carparts Corporation (BCC) which consists of nine participants that operate jointly and achieve national coverage. Joan Vandenhoydonck stressed that "BCC will remain unchanged and intact as an independent joint venture."

In a letter to their employees Bart Gael (Henrard) Jan De Rechter (Prosec), Joan Vandenhoydonck (De Jonghe) and Jeroen Vertongen (Sergoyne) emphasize that “this step is completely in line with the process of upscaling currently taking place in Europe".

Sator spokesman Adriaan Roggeveen "With these acquisitions, we have a highly progressive network. Our ambition is to be represented in all major cities of Belgium with a powerful, well-stocked establishment which is able to serve the automotive professionals in their region with a maximum range of products, delivered from stock. That can be both a branch as an establishment of an independent Full Fource Partner. In addition to the supply of products and services, we are able to provide all possible assistance in the field of Education, Technology, Marketing and workshop concepts. "

Sator Holding is like its sister companies ECP (Great Britain) and Rhiag (Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine), part of the US LKQ Corporation, which has grown into the main player in this market in Europe with a turnover of more than two billion euros.

In Belgium Van Heck Interpieces in Vilvoorde is part of Sator Holding. Ludo Schulpé emphasizes that, as in the Netherlands, the starting point is "a hybrid business model in which the own branches work closely together with independent wholesalers".

The consent application of competition authority and staffing offices has already started. Completion of the transaction is expected in the coming months. No statements will be made on the purchase price.