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Tools on tour: Toolspecial introduces bus during Equipvak has launched a new service at the Equipvak 2016 trade fair: the Toolspecial-bus. The bus, which is completely filled with tools, visits automobile businesses in order to demonstrate the tools to mechanics, and to let them ‘feel’ them.

Mechanics know better than anyone else that the purchase of tools, and in particular hand tools, is based on both rational and emotional factors. Does the tool satisfy the established technical requirements, is the price okay, does it sit well in your hand, and does it feel like a natural extension of your body? These considerations are different for each technician: a purchase is a completely individual choice. So it is only logical that you can make the best choice if you are able to see, feel, and also test the tool. is seeking to enable this by visiting automobile businesses with the Toolspecial bus. has fitted out a brand-new Mercedes Sprinter, which is packed full of tools and has a built-in compressor. This enables a variety of tools to be demonstrated and tested. The bus is often equipped with the latest tools which are new to the market, but the shelves of the bus are also full of tried and tested tools. It is ideal for the mechanic to have a chance to test that special ratchet extension piece, which is designed for working in awkward corners. Or to find out for yourself whether you really can find leaks quickly and easily by using smoke with the Smoke Pro Total-Tech. Because you don’t just want to ‘feel’ tools, but you also wish to buy them, the tools specialist from the Toolspecial bus is accompanied by the local wholesaler who works with, during his visit to the automobile business.

The launching of the Toolspecial bus represents a new era for the tool brand, just like the catalogue and the new website which is to be launched. At the heart of this is the slogan ‘Crazy about Tools’.